Shotgun Events


The Shotgun events are held at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center. Black Powder and Smokeless categories. Any SASS Cowboy Action (not Wild Bunch) legal shotgun may be used in either category.

Trap – Trap shooting is designed to simulate the flushing game bird. The field layout provides the shooter with 25 flushing targets, creating an exciting challenge from five different shooting stations.

Skeet – Skeet shooting dates back to the 1920s. It was created to offer the sportsman something to sharpen skills during the off-season. The field moves shooters in a semicircle, presenting them with a combination of 25 high and low targets. It is a great game for an individual or a group of five.

Sporting Clays – Targets are presented in many different directions and sizes to simulate different game birds. Most courses have between 10-12 stations ranging from one-half mile to just under a one-mile path. The Ben Avery Shooting Clays course layouts are great for beginner to advanced shooters. The granite pathway takes you for an easy stroll through the Sonora desert landscape for an unforgettable shooting experience.