Dear RO Student,

Welcome to End of Trail 2024.

In SASS, everyone is considered a safety officer and is encouraged to assist in the enforcement and strict adherence to all safety rules. SASS certified safety courses are essential to the education and safety of those participating at all levels of competition. It is suggested all competitors attend a minimum the level one course to ensure the understanding of all SASS safety covenants and basic rules of the game.

Upon completion of an RO II course, the student will be a SASS Certified Range Officer and have the knowledge of all aspects necessary to safely assist a shooter through a course of fire, provide necessary guidance and assistance in the event of an accident, and be able to enforce the rules and regulations in accordance with the SASS Shooter’s Handbook.

We will be offering both the RO-I and RO-II courses on Tuesday, February 27th and the Wild Bunch RO course on Wednesday, February 28th.

This year we are going to try something different, Online Class Registration. You pick your class and sign up or you can send me a telegraph and I will register for you.

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 Wild Bunch:

How to Register

Select a RO Class from the list (links) above and Click on the Link. You will be presented with a rooster for that event. You can see who is already signed up and how many seats are available.

Click on the Green Arrow under the “Sign up” heading. You will then be presented with a Signup form. Please enter your SASS Alias in the First Name and your SASS # in the Last Name fields.